Types of Bats In Orlando

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The most common type of bat seen in Orlando, Florida is the Brazilian Free-Tailed Bat, also known as the Mexican Free-Tailed Bat. This photo depicts the control and removal of bats by AAAnimal Control bat pest removal, based out of Orlando, FL. You can see that the bats are able to safely escape and fly away without harm. The skilled work of this bat pest company makes sure that all of the bats, from every area of the architecture are fully removed without harm, and more importantly, that the bats cannot get back into the structure. We are not Florida bat exterminators, we are bat exclusion specialists. We are humane, and do not kill bats. Bats are very valuable animals, they live a long time, and are protected by law.

Bat control at an Orlando apartment complex by Florida Commercial Bat Control Company, AAAnimal Control: 407-278-2705

Here is a list of types of colonizing bats located in Orlando FL.

One of the most abundant bats in Florida is the Brazilian Free-tailed Bat. This is the big one. Almost 100% of the bat removal work I do is free-tails. Their range extends throughout the state, and I've seen them in attics of all kinds, from tiny one-story homes to huge resorts. They love to live under tile roofs, which provide plenty of gaps for them to enter. Brazilian free-tailed bats like hot temperatures quite a bit, and I've seen them living in incredibly hot tile roofs and attics.

The Big Brown Bat is found in the northern half of the state, but not often by me. This bat is fairly common throughout much of the United States, but it's just not as suited to Florida as the free-tail, which takes up most of the resources. These bats really seem to love to live in man-made structures, with attics being a top choice. Under tiles, in gaps under bridges, in stadium gaps, pretty much any warm safe space they can squeeze into is fine by them.

The Rafinesque's Big-eared Bat is easy to identify, what with its incredibly large ears. Imagine if you had ears of a little more than an inch long. This bat may live behind tree bark or in hollowed out trees, but will of course live in any suitable place, such as a building. However, you'll probably never see one, and neither will I, as it is quite rare. Poor Rafinesque, if only he knew what was becoming of his bat.

The Southeastern Myotis tends to live near streams, ponds and lakes, because like all bats, it flies right to water for a nice drink before it dines on delicious beetles, moths and mosquitoes. In Florida, these bats remain active throughout winter and feed year round. Southeasterns are primary cave roosters, and Florida is the place for the SE Myotis. Most of the maternity caves are located in this state, what with it being the most Southeasternish Myotisish state in the union and all.

The Evening Bat is fairly common throughout FL. They are real small. If you find one, you might think that you've found a baby bat. Of course, it's rare for anyone to find bats at any time, so you probably won't. But if you find a small bat, and it doesn't have a free tail, it's probably an Evening Bat. Lucky day! You might in fact find one, because not only are they somewhat common (second to the free-tailed), but because they just love to live in buildings. They are named the Evening Bat because they are active in the evening. Fancy that, from a bat!

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