Pigeon Droppings Contaminate the Air Ducts of this Building

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Here we see the buildup of bird poop inside the duct work. This is pigeon waste, droppings from the pigeons that entered the vent work via an open vent on the roof of the building. They lived inside the ducts, and left their droppings everywhere. In this case, it was a public building, and it posed a serious risk to the inhabitants inside. Pigeons swim with disease and parasites, and pigeon poop is a biohazard. This duct pictured was just one such contaminated duct.

Here we see another photo. Not only were the vents polluted with the waste of the birds, but with nesting material, eggs, and even dead birds. I found many dead birds inside these ducts. It's a good idea to have the birds rWemoved, and to have the entry points on the roof permanently sealed. After the birds are all gone and kept out for good, the biohazard waste that they leave behind should be fully cleaned, decontaminated, and disinfected.

What Is The Connection With Pigeons And Health Risks?
Getting rid of pigeons from your property is not just an aesthetic matter. It can actually be a measure you need to take in order to protect your health and your family?s health. Pigeon droppings, according to specialists, can carry diseases, and since they have no restraints about where to relieve themselves, you can find their droppings all over the place. Pigeons and health risks are, indeed, connected, as one of the most dangerous diseases that may be carried by pigeons is histoplasmosis, a disease that affects people?s lungs. The origin of the condition lies with fungal spores that are secreted by pigeons and afterwards inhaled by people.

Pigeons and health risks are often mentioned in regards to health concerns in big cities, where the pigeon population is very numerous. Germs can also be found in the feces of these birds, such as those that cause meningitis and cryptococcosis. Such conditions can become very severe, especially if left untreated, and it can be very hard to prevent the inhalation of the germs, since pigeon droppings are everywhere and once they start to dry the spores become airborne. If you have successfully removed the birds you will need to be very careful when cleaning up after them. Where a mask to prevent breathing in the spores and some will recommend wetting the area down so less dust gets in the air.

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