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Mole job prices:

All prices below may be subject to change, particularly based upon factors such as driving distance, which may make prices either higher or lower. If in doubt, just give us a call and we will quote your situation.

Mole Control System: $150.00
This is the standard fee, which covers general business/transportation expenses that the job incurs. This will cover our one-time mole treatment system. Moles are harder to control than many other animals, because they live underground. Most moles are territorial and solitary, so a single mole removal often solves the problem. Our system will ensure that any present moles are eliminated.

Lawn treatment: not offered
There is no substitute for actual trapping, and although there are in fact "mole repellant" sprays out on the market (made from castor oil), they don't work. If they did, I would apply them.

Total cost: $150.00

In some cases, a mole may have left tunnels, but is not actively present. It may have chosen to move to another area. In this case a lawn treatment is still recommended, to help prevent future moles.