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Opossum control prices:

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All prices below may be subject to change, particularly based upon factors such as driving distance, which may make prices either higher or lower. If in doubt, just give us a call and we will quote your situation.

Inspection/trap-setting/service fee: $89.00
This is the standard fee, which covers general business/transportation expenses that the job incurs, as well as licensing and insurance costs that protect the customer.

Capture & removal of opossums with ground traps: $89.00 / trip
In each case of ground trapping, I must respond the same-day, rerout my schedule, and relocate the animal 25 miles outside of the city, all of which takes a great deal of driving. The animal will always be picked up and relocated the same day as capture.

Total cost: $178.00 on up.

If an opossum has been living under a shed, porch, etc. you may want an exclusion barrier installed to prevent future animal problems. Ask for details.

If you have found a dead opossum and wish to have it picked up and incinerated, the one-time charge is $89.00 - $129.00, no extra fees.