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Rat & Mice Job Prices:

Don't waste time/money on never-ending monthly poisoning contracts that don't work.

For rats and mice, I use a process called integrated pest management (IPM). I don't just come to your house, set a few poison bait boxes and a few glue boards and call it a job. In fact, I never use poison, as it can and will leave dead animals in your house/walls, and it only kills a % of the animals anyway. First and foremost, I find and eliminate the causes for the rat/mouse problem. The single most important part of this step is in identifying and permanently sealing, with steel, the entry points - if rats are unable to enter the building, problem solved, PERMANENTLY. I trap and remove the existing rodents, and make sure no new ones can ever enter.

Building Inspection & Trap Setup Fee: $89
This is the initial fee charged for a complete inspection of the building and diagnosis of the rat problem. The attic inspection informs us of what type of animal(s) are in the attic, and what type of damage or contamination they may have caused. The roof, soffits, eaves, vents, foundation, etc will be thoroughly examined in order to find the points of rat entry. Following inspection, the appropriate traps will be set to completely catch and remove all rats using the building.

Each Additional Service Trip: $89
After we have set the traps on the first trip, we will return to the home, usually 1-3 more times, to remove trapped rats, set new traps, and examine the state of the situation. The job is complete once all the rats are removed, the scurrying/scratching noises stop, and there is no new sign of rat presence in the building.

Exclusion & Damage Repairs: Quoted Upon Initial Inspection
Rodent problems will always require repair of the structure, to permanently seal off the entry points. This is a crucial step, and the one in which experience and attention matter the most, because it ensures that all current rats will be quickly captured, and that no new rats will move into your home after the current problem rats are removed. The price of these repairs varies depending upon the quantity and difficulty of repairs needed.

Within 3-4 trips, the rats will be completely eliminated, and the structure sealed against any new rat entry. The majority of the work will occur during the initial trip, when the extremely detailed inspection is performed both outside and inside the home, attic, and roof. I will inform you of the repair/exclusion cost. Rat control sometimes involves cases involving difficult structures with vast entry points, such as homes with poorly sealed barrel tile roofs, or old elevated buildings with corroded wood. These more complex jobs requiring extensive repairs cost more, and may require more trips than the average home or building. In any job that we do, all entry points are sealed, and one or more torsion spring one-way doors may be set at primary entry/exit points if appropriate. Traps are then set throughout the attic/building in areas of high rodent traffic. The trapping is an art - you can't just slap a few traps around haphazardly - they must be of the correct type, and set right on the rat runways. The problem will be gone in days, permanently.

Rat control for commercial buildings also available. Price depends upon size and degree of infestation. A written estimate will be provided after inspection.

Attic deodorization and decontamination with BioShield is sometimes recommended. Click the attic decontamination page for details.

Remember, the most important single step in controlling rat & mouse problems is elimination of the entry points into the structure. You can randomly trap and use poison all you want, but these are short-term remedies. To hire me to take care of your squirrel problem, call: 407-278-2705

Be sure to visit www.OrlandoRats.com for Orlando FL rat control.