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Squirrel Control Prices

All prices below may be subject to change, particularly based upon factors such as driving distance, which may make prices either higher or lower. If in doubt, just give us a call and we will quote your situation.

Building Inspection & Trap Setup Fee: $89
This is the initial fee charged for a complete inspection of the building and diagnosis of the problem. The attic inspection informs us of what type of animal(s) are in the attic, and what type of damage or contamination they may have caused. The roof, soffits, eaves, vents, etc will be thoroughly examined in order to find the points of entry. Following inspection, the appropriate humane traps will be set to completely catch and remove all wildlife using the building.

Each Additional Service Trip: $89
After we have set the traps on the first trip, we will return to the home, usually 2 more times, to remove trapped squirrels, set new traps, and examine the state of the situation. The job is complete once all the squirrels are removed, the scratching noises stop, and there is no new sign of squirrel presence in the building.

Exclusion & Damage Repairs: Quoted Upon Initial Inspection
Squirrels are usually located in an attic or eave of a house. This type of problem will always require repair of the structure, to permanently seal off the entry points. This is a crucial step, because it ensures that no new squirrels will move into your home after the problem squirrels are captured. The price of these repairs varies depending upon the quantity and difficulty of repairs needed.

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To hire me take care of your squirrel problem, call: 407-278-2705

Professional squirrel control is not a simple task. The average case involves several squirrels, oftentimes a female with young. The squirrels usually climb into difficult to reach areas and either chew entry holes or use existing gaps in the architecture/vents. Sometimes they use several different entry points, and it takes an expert eye to properly identify all of the entry points. Appropriate trap setting can vary widely depending on the architecture and age of the squirrels, and may include specialty, even custom made, types of traps bolted over squirrel holes. Trapping is an art, and I've been to countless homes in which do-it-yourself attempts have failed. Each animal trapped must be relocated, and I relocate 25 miles outside of Orlando. Each service trip to the home usually requires quite a bit of driving. Experience counts a great deal when performing this type of service. It is important to remove the squirrels as soon as possible, not only because of the noise they cause, but because of their tendency to gnaw - like all rodents, they chew - often on electrical wires or woodwork inside and outside of the home. They bring in nesting material, parasites, and leave behind significant amounts of urine and droppings if left unchecked. It is very important to identify damage during the initial inspection, and this requires climbing through every inch of the attic - especially the hard-to-reach areas. Experience, professionalism, eye for detail, ability to climb in the attic and on the roof, all of these things matter a great deal, and not every company does the same work - believe me, I've seen the work of others, and it is often downright disgraceful. I have every bit of confidence that I provide the best and most professional squirrel control in Orlando, FL.