Raccoon Living In Attic Of Apartment Building


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A raccoon was living inside of the attic of an apartment building. It had torn a hole in the siding. When I went to address the problem, the raccoon actually poked its head out into the hole to investigate.

This raccoon was used to living near humans, and thus seemed to have no fear of me. I was able to get right up near it and take this close-up photo.

I was in the very process of installing a one-way trap to capture the raccoon when it eventually emerged, but amazingly, it sensed danger and bolted for it - right into the trap! It was nervous about being captured, and peed on the roof. It was in no danger, other than being evicted from its home. I safely relocated it. It was a male caught in September, with no young.

After the raccoon is trapped, I seal up the hole with metal, and bolt it in tight. Problem solved.

I consider this series of photos amongst my best of raccoon trapping. It was high up on a three-story roof of an apartment building. This is just proof of how raccons have no problem climbing high roofs to live in attics. The job went very well, and it's rare for a raccoon or any animal to show its face at the entry hole like this one did for the first photo. I was glad to catch it easily and get the job done right. Many other companies would not dare climb this high roof and set traps in this manner. They just set traps on the ground and charge money for every non-target animal they catch. Stray cats, opossums, you name it. They may never catch the target animal. But with my methods, I get the proper animal the first time, and my prices are lower than anyone else in the Orlando area. For more raccoon information, go back to the raccoon removal page and you will see links to more great raccoon photos.

I have written additional articles, such as this how to get a raccoon out of your house guide.

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Hello, I read your information about raccoons. We have a mother raccoon with her babies in our attic. I have seen her and I have heard her babies. Question is will she eventually leave the nest on her own or will we have to force her out. I love animals too and do not want to see them hurt. Any suggestions?? we live in a big city, so I do not know the best cause of action or how to move her. thanks so much, Jackie

My response: She will leave the nest on her own, but it may take 6-7 months, once the young are grown. Then she will start a new litter soon after. You've got to seal the entry holes shut at some point.

Hello Dave, Thanks so much for emailing me back. but my main question is...... how humanely can i get them to leave, should we catch the mother and then babies separately and then let them loose in the woods? if i blare a radio will she move them on her own? thanks so very much, Jackie

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