Here Are Some Ways Raccoons Get Into Your Home

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This raccoon was climbing the downspout, and it removed the soffit vent. It can squeeze through this hole.

This raccoon simply tore a hole right in the roof! They are strong animals.

This is the absolute classic raccoon entry spot - the animal pushes up the dormer soffit.

These are three very classic examples of raccoon entry points into a home or attic. Raccoons are great climbers, and they are very strong. They have no difficulty climbing up onto your roof. They can use downspouts such as in the first photo, or simply scale walls. A tree next to the house makes it all the easier. Once on the roof, they can push open eaves, such as in the third photo, or simply tear their way through the roof, as in the second photo. It's very important to fix these holes once the raccoons are trapped and removed. Failure to do so may simply result in a new wild animal inside your home soon! Click to go back to the Orlando raccoon removal page.

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How do raccoons get in the attic - A raccoon can get into the attic through a damaged vent or an open area of soffit. Worse yet, these critters are prone to creating their own holes to get inside. If a raccoon on your roof detects a weak spot, that animal will easily go to work making the tiny hole significantly larger. The most common areas for raccoons to enter through are the vents, the eaves, the soffits, and the chimney. These areas are often unsupervised because of how high they are on the building. Most homeowners never check their roofs unless they are experiencing a leak or have to clean out gutters. Climbing up onto your attic occasionally is the best way to keep raccoons and other animals away. You?ll be able to examine the building for damage or weak areas where an animal might be tempted to sneak through. Prevention is always better than having to trap and remove an animal once it?s inside.

Will raccoons find their way out of the hole they made in your house - If you have raccoons in your house, they aren?t in there because they wandered in and then couldn?t get out. There?s a sizeable hole in your roof somewhere, and those critters have come inside because they want to make your attic or crawlspace their new home. More likely than not, the adult is a female, and any small racoons with her are her children. If she?s alone, she?s probably pregnant. The racoon will eventually leave your home?she?ll come back, but she?ll need to leave to find food. This is your opportunity to find where she is entering the building. Once you?ve determined the location you?ll be able to set up a cage trap attached to the exit. Next time you poke your head into the attic the raccoon should be frightened and should bolt to the outside. If you?ve installed your cage trap correctly, she?ll be caught in the process. Now you need to go through and make sure she didn?t have any babies hidden in the walls or eaves. Leaving babies behind will result in their eventual deaths. Dead animals in your roof mean a terrible smell throughout your home. You will not be rid of it until you find the bodies and remove them. It?s a whole lot more pleasant to find them and remove them when they are alive.

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