s Snake Infestation Inside House

Snake Infestation Inside House

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It is rare, but sometimes I have customers who have an actual snake infestation inside their home. This is usually due to one of the following two reasons:

1) A snake has laid a clutch of eggs in the attic, and now all the baby snakes are hatching.
2) The house has some entry holes, and a sudden surge of snakes outside have found their way inside the house.

If you've got a snake nest in the attic, it's most likely a rat snake. I have seen both Yellow Rat Snakes and Corn Snakes lay eggs inside an attic, and when the young hatch, you've got an infestation of at least 20 baby snakes inside the house! More commonly, I see homes that have gaps under the doors, or holes outside, and snakes looking for a place to hide slither inside and get stuck inside the house. This usually means just one snake, but I have seen several at at time.

In either case, the solution, like with any critter problem, is to find out how they got in - holes or gaps in your house - and seal those areas shut! Once the snakes are already inside, the best way to remove them is either by hand (if it's safe to do so) or with a snake trap (or several traps).

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They say that snakes help our eco-system and this is true, they keep the rodent population to a level that is tolerable. But when you have a snake infestation in your home the benefits stop and your troubles begin. Snakes love to crawl into dark cool places where they can have their babies or hole up for the winter. When they make your home their den, they plan on staying for a long time. Removing snakes from your home can be dangerous and sometimes better left to the professionals.

Common complaints of having snakes in your home:
? Some snakes are poisonous and can cause serious physical damage to your pets or your family especially if they are children or the elderly.
? Most people have a very real fear of snakes.
? Snake infestation can have an impact on the value of your home.
? They can smell especially if the die.

There is thousands of different species of snakes, and depending on where you are located they will come in various sizes and colors. Most snakes have scales underneath that are used to move across the ground. They are actually deaf but their sense for vibration is very acute, meaning that they may not see you, but will definitely feel the vibration of your step. They are cold blooded which means their body temperature is the same as their environment. Therefore snakes do react to extreme cold and hot weather and this can be important when searching for their habitat.

Smaller snakes will live underground, up in trees, or in water, but if these aren’t handy they will take up residence in crawlspaces, attics and the crevices in your wall. Snake infestations usually start with a crack in your foundation that leads to the perfect den. They will also live in dark basements, junk piles, walls, gardens and firewood stacks.

Snakes are cold-blooded which means that they hibernate during the winter, but come early spring when the temperature starts to rise, these reptiles wake up from their long sleep and are very hungry. This will be the time that they are most active. There is no better place for a snake infestation to exist than in and around your home. Snakes search for food at night and will also clear out any rodent that you may have in your attic or basement.

Diseases that can have an impact on your health are found to come from snakes and mainly in the form of salmonella and parasites. Generally speaking the largest portion of the problem with these snakes is that they are feared by so many people.

How to Get Rid of Snake Infestation
Having a snake infestation can be damaging and cause damage to your home, so it is best to have professionals remove the snakes. Most professionals have special equipment and traps that can safely remove the snakes without harming them or yourself. Snakes will not back away from protecting themselves. Professional services will also remove dead bodies and clean up any droppings which can create quite the smell if left in wall crevices or attics. Most commonly when you are looking to get rid of some snakes it is either because you have one or two floating around the yard that keep annoying you or you have a slightly different problem. It is not unusual for a snake to get into a cool basement, especially a dirt floor cellar and lay eggs or have their babies. This can be a traumatic experience for the homeowner and certainly should warrant a phone call to an experienced person that can help with the problem. Prevention is the best method of keeping snakes from making your home their home. This can be done by removing any potential food sources, filling in any holes they could enter through and sealing off cracks in the foundation.

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