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Squirrels Leave Droppings and Urine in the Attic

When squirrels live in your attic, they also use it as their personal toilet. Squirrels have a high metabolism, eat a lot, and leave behind up to 20 droppings a day. They also urinate quite a bit. The droppings and urine not only smell bad, but they pose a biohazardous risk, and the smell attracts new squirrels. Squirrels, like all rodents, depend upon smells that both mark territory and serve as a sort of scent map to help familiarize them with their environment. Once a squirrel has scent marked an area, squirrels years into the future will know that the area is a good squirrel habitat, since squirrels have successfully thrived there before. I highly recommend attic decontamination & deodorization services if you've had squirrels living in your attic.

Here is a very heavily soiled attic.

Squirrels not only leave a lot of droppings, but they bring in nuts.

Here is a big pile of droppings all in one spot.

Here is a nest made out of leaves, with a bunch of droppings.

If you have started to find signs that you have a squirrel infestation, then you want to know what you are dealing with in order to best be able to control it. You may be asking ?what squirrel is this poop from?? but you cannot be one hundred percent sure that it is red or gray squirrel poop unless you get a glimpse of the squirrel. That is because red squirrel poop is very similar in all aspects to the droppings from other animals; mostly the gray squirrel and mice. All three have droppings that look almost the same unless you pay a lot of attention to it. The difference in the three droppings is the size, and not necessarily the color. The size of the gray squirrel?s droppings is bigger than that of the red squirrel and the mice?s is just a bit smaller. You may think that the size difference is enough to recognize it, but it is not as if you have the 3 samples in front of you to compare the size. A lot of people believe that the color is also an indicator, but the problem with that is that the color of the droppings depends in large part on the diet of the rodent.

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