Squirrel Extermination

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The term squirrel extermination isn't really a fair term. Squirrel aren't like insect pests, and they aren't really exterminated. An exterminator is someone who kills something, typically insect pests, often through the use of poison sprays. Squirrel are not dealt with in this manner. You wouldn't call an insect killing extermination company to take care of a squirrel problem, and you don't need to know how to exterminate squirrels. If you need squirrel taken off of your property because they are causing squirrel damage, you need a professional wildlife trapper to solve the issue.

This is a photo of squirrels caught in a trap. They will be physically removed from the home they were caught at. This will stop the problems that the animal was causing on the property, problems such as chewing, noise, fire hazards, etc. Wildlife management and control is different from extermination, so if you want a pro to come and take care of your squirrel situation, call one of the experts listed.

Squirrels cause a number of problems for people. The most common conflicts that occur with squirrels involves their desire to live inside of buildings. Like all members of the rodent family, squirrels are excellent chewers, and they will chew their way into your home or commercial building. Once inside, they may even chew on wires or pipes! People often hear the squirrels running about in the attic or ceiling. They often bring in nesting debris, and can create a fire hazard, not only due to the debris, but also by chewing electrical wires. Squirrels will also chew on the woodwork of a home. Everyone knows about how squirrels steal food from birdfeeders, but that problem can be solved by buying squirrel-proof feeders. Squirrels have two litters per year, and reproduce quickly, like all rodents. This means that at times the squirrel population can grow to high numbers, and extra pressure is placed on buildings. Squirrels will move into attics or chimneys, or even places like drier vents. Most trained wildlife control professionals have excellent experience in solving squirrel problems, so if you need squirrel control, click the links on this page to find a wildlife removal company in your neck of the woods, and get rid of those squirrels once and for all.

For more complete info, read How to get rid of squirrels - my main squirrel removal info guide, where you will learn how to trap squirrels, or exclude them, and seal your house to keep them out. You can also hire a pro from my list if you are having trouble doing the job yourself.

AAAnimal Control is a professional nuisance wildlife control company located in Orlando, FL. We offer solutions to wildlife problems throughout the Greater Orlando Florida area, including squirrel control. Wildlife services include animal trapping, capture & removal, plus animal damage repairs and preventative measures. We also offer biological cleanup and many other services. Call any time to discuss your wildlife management issue and schedule an appointment. You can always browse this site for more details and info, and you can even check out prices ahead of time. If you live elsewhere in the US and have found this site and need a local trapper in your area, click here for a nationwide list of 100's of professional squirrel removal experts.

Customer Inquiry About Exterminating Squirrels: Dear David, There is a plan to kill the squirrels in the local woodland where we live in Wales. A group of us are very much against this and would like to have as much possible information to prevent this happening. Some people who want this cull to be carried out are involved with the Forestry Commission and claim the squirrels cause "enormous damage" to the trees. I have read your website and find it most interesting but wondered if you could you send us any information you have that would help to prevent the cull taking place or give us names or links to people who might be able to help us. Thank you so much

My response: Culling is silly. All that matters is habitat. Squirrels reproduce quickly. After the culling, less competition for space and resources means that the survival rate during the next birth cycle will be very high, and the adult squirrel population will be exactly where it is now within a year. Culling only trades the lives of current squirrels for the lives of future squirrels, and in that sense is neither bad nor good from an ecological standpoint. Remember, only habitat matters. If you want less squirrels, destroy the forest. But as long as the forest remains, the squirrel population will very quickly stabilize at its capacity rate. Killing squirrels is like fighting against the tide. Impossible to make a difference.

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