How to Keep Away Squirrels - Prevention

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Squirrel prevention is no simple task. Squirrels are very agile and persistent animals. They will stubbornly chew and chew in order to gain access to a building and they won't give up when they want to go somewhere or reach some food. Many home owners wish to know how to keep away squirrels from using their homes and property as habitat. Any wild animal will live in an area if that area provides suitable food and shelter. Oftentimes, our suburban homes do offer such requirements. Squirrels in particular love to live in small enclosed areas, and our attics and other architectural gaps provide such areas. Oftentimes animals are attracted by the presence of food sources, such as bird food left outside. Once an animal has established a behavior of visiting your property for these food sources, it can be hard to make them break the habit.

The proper way to perform squirrel prevention is to find all of the holes and areas that squirrels are using to gain access to your home or building, and then trap and remove all of the squirrels from the premises, and then permanently seal all of the squirrel entry points with steel, which squirrels cannot chew. It's also important to remain mindful of the time of year, because squirrels have two litters of babies per year, and you don't want to catch and remove the adult mother squirrel and leave helpless young trapped inside. If you do trap squirrels, be sure to check for nipples. It's also important to be aware of he dozens of areas on a home or building that squirrels can use to gain entry, such as gable ends, ridge cap ends, fascia boards, and soffit vents, to name a few. If you want to prevent squirrels and squirrel-proof your home, look over all of these vulnerable areas and seal them ahead of time. Also, don't leave food sources out and about. Sometimes people attract squirrels to their property with bird feeders, and then they get squirrels in the attic.

Here we see two photos of squirrel prevention repairs. The first is on a home that had flimsy soffit screens. You can see that a squirrel chewed a wide hole in the soffit. I secured the entire soffit with steel mesh. The second photo is a standard gable vent with no screen. Squirrels could go in and out at will. This new steel screen keeps the squirrels away.

There is no good product on the market that really works for squirrel prevention. The process is more labor intensive than buying some spray squirrel repellant or machine. If you want to keep away squirrels, the best bet is to actually catch the animals in a live trap, and physically remove them from the area. This is not usually a good field for amateurs, so if you need such services, it might be best to call a professional from the linked list of nationwide pros.

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Squirrels cause a number of problems for people. The most common conflicts that occur with squirrels involves their desire to live inside of buildings. Like all members of the rodent family, squirrels are excellent chewers, and they will chew their way into your home or commercial building. Once inside, they may even chew on wires or pipes! People often hear the squirrels running about in the attic or ceiling. They often bring in nesting debris, and can create a fire hazard, not only due to the debris, but also by chewing electrical wires. Squirrels will also chew on the woodwork of a home. Everyone knows about how squirrels steal food from birdfeeders, but that problem can be solved by buying squirrel-proof feeders. Squirrels have two litters per year, and reproduce quickly, like all rodents. This means that at times the squirrel population can grow to high numbers, and extra pressure is placed on buildings. Squirrels will move into attics or chimneys, or even places like drier vents. Most trained wildlife control professionals have excellent experience in solving squirrel problems, so if you need squirrel control, click the links on this page to find a wildlife removal company in your neck of the woods, and get rid of those squirrels once and for all.

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