Squirrels Stuck Inside Wall

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This is how to get rid of or remove squirrels inside the walls of your house.

The homeowner called me, stating that she heard scratching noises in her wall. Several types of animals can fall down walls of homes, including squirrels, rats, opossums, and raccoons. I have cut each of these animals out of walls. In this case, I was able to go into the attic and look down the wall and see the squirrels. However, the distance was too great for me to use a snaring pole to remove them. I knew where they were, and confirmed the location by feeling for heat and by listening.

I cut a hole in the wall using this power saw. I cut it at least a foot above the base of the wall, so that I don't accidentally cut the animal(s) inside.

After I cut the hole, I stuck a camera inside, and took this photo of two juvenile squirrels huddled in the corner.

I used a heavy glove (squirrels can deliver a powerful bite) and removed the squirrels, and put them into holding cages.

After the squirrels are out of the wall, I replace the piece of drywall that I cut out, affix it, and spackle the edges. Soon it will dry, and be almost as good as new. The noisy, scratching animals are removed from the wall, and the homeowner doesn't have to worry about them suffering and dying. If these squirrels had died in the wall, the homeowner could get ready for weeks worth of very bad odor in the home.

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The above tutorial is not the only way to get squirrels out of your walls. If they are able to climb up and down the walls, and get in and out of the house, you can find out how they are getting in, via an entry hole, and set traps near that hole, and then seal the hole shut after they are all out. Neither way is very easy for amateurs, so you may want to hire a pro if you hear a squirrel in your wall.

Example reader email: I have some squirrels in my walls. I hear them scratching and running up and down the walls morning noon and evening. They might actually be male and female. At the present time, my fianc? contracted staph and had to be taken to the er. That said, I want these critters out of my walls but am not sure I will have money to pay for it. I can put it on a credit card, which is fine, but do you have payment plans in place? I need these boogers out before it starts to snow. I also have a female and male raccoon I think are trying to get into my house. Is there any advice on now to make these go away? It?s our first house and so these things have not ever happened in apartments! I'm looking for a quote on your services since you don't list them on your website. I just bought and moved into a house that was a foreclosure and have an animal (unidentified, but I think it's a squirrel) in my walls. I am hearing squirrels in my walls, at least. I did have a hole in my soffit, which I have repaired but now seems that I have trapped the animal inside. I can only hear it at morning and it makes a lot of noise. I'm getting priced from a few companies and would love to get a quote to see where your starting point is. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks, Melanie

Melanie did not live in Orlando, where I live, but I was able to direct her to some reasonably priced professional help from my directory.

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