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More about baby birds

For Orlando Bird Rescue, call any of the below numbers:

Florida Wildlife Division: 1-888-404-3922
Central FL Audubon Bird Rescue: 407-644-0190
Fallin' Pines Critter & Bird Rescue: 407-568-7988
Orange County FL Animal Services: 407-836-3111
Florida Exotic Birds: 1-844-352-2473
SeaWorld water bird rescue: REMOVED
Back to Nature Wildlife Refuge: 407-568-5138

I got the below info from a specialist at the Audubon Center for Birds of Prey:

If the bird doesn't appear to be injured you should leave it alone (this includes young birds that often learn to fly from the ground up). If the bird is obviously injured or a baby with lots of downy feathers then it should go to a licensed rehabber. Birds of prey should not go to the Orange County Audubon society, but the Audubon Center for Birds of Prey. If people call Orange Audubon, they will be unable to help. Also note that the rehabbers who also treat mammals in the Orlando are (Back To Nature, Ron & Carol, Lindy) will also take in orphaned or injured birds, and SeaWorld will treat injured water birds. SeaWorld water bird rescue number is REMOVED. None of these rehab facilities are capable of rescue but Orange, Seminole, and Osceola animal control will occ. rescue birds and transport. Animal control will only rescue if the bird is contained in a box or kennel or easily captured (they will not get birds stuck in a tree, house, or building).

Your best bet is to leave the bird alone. I used to refer a wonderful woman named Ann Young, "The Bird Lady", a world renown wild bird rehabber, but unfortunately she passed away in 2009. She ran a wild bird refuge at 205 Robin Road in Altamonte Springs, FL 32701, phone number is 407-339-2900.

If you happen upon a bird of prey (hawk, falcon, owl, etc) call the Orlando Audubon Center for Birds of Prey at 407-644-0190. Please give the Audubon Center for Birds of Prey a donation so that they can continue to run their facility.

SeaWorld water bird rescue number is REMOVED
Back to Nature Wildlife Refuge: 407-568-5138

Bats aren't birds, but if you find a baby or injured bat, call Fly By Night at 407-414-2142.

A concerned citizen wrote me this email about an injured bird:

Hi David, I'm writing for advice.... found a bird stuck in the bush a little bit ago.... we went and cut the vines and thorns away from it but I think it's legs are broken or something. I can't get up to the side walk or fly; although it's able to spread out its wings. I've been trying to look up for someone to 'rescue' it but am not having any luck. Any ideas? Kelli

Kelli - That's a rough case. I've talked with many bird rehabbers, and that's generally a "let nature take its course" situation. A cat or other predator (owl or bigger bird) will get it soon. Sorry. I know you want to try to do what is best. - David

Yes, very sad :( Not sure if it made it, it was crawling around on its wings so I think his/her foot or feet were broken. We took clippers and scizzors to get it untangled from the vines, but I don't know if he made it :( Thanks for your help :) Kelli

Hi David, Thought I'd update you.... so far the little bird is still alive. However, today he was in the gutter and couldn't get out or up on the sidewalk. I was worried a car would park and run him over so I grabbed a flat cardboard box and put him on the ground next to some bushes and a piece of bread that I tore into pieces. I don't know that he'll make it but not sure what else to do and at least he won't be starving too :( Oh man, I do not like this.....argh. His feet seem okay now compaired to yesterday; he was 'kind of' running on them with his wings spread out, but he can't fly and he tipped over on his back and couldn't turn over - that's how I ended up getting him onto the box easier but it was sad. I keep going out and looking at him from the balcany. I'd never make it as a vet; can't stand to see an animal so helpless.... especially since there are a lot of.... you guessed it.... large raccoons around here :( Ah well, not sure what else to do so thought I'd give you an update. Kelli