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Boca Raton Bat Control & Removal

Boca Raton Bat Removal Specialists: Bats are our #1 specialty. Owner Wildlife Pros Inc. Barry is one of the top bat removal specialists in the state of Florida. Bat colony removal is a specialty task - it's often very complex, there's special laws and regulations regarding the control of bats, and Andrew is an expert on bat behavior and bat colony removal from attics and buildings. The most common bats in the Boca Raton Bay area are the Mexican Free-Tail Bat and the Evening Bat. These bats live in large groups, or colonies. They love to live under barrel tiles and inside attics. These colonies can be as small as 30 members, but some number in the thousands. If left untreated, the colony size grows year by year until it is huge. Bats leave a huge amount of droppings inside a building, and the longer the group is there, the more the droppings accumulate. They can become a serious health hazard, not to mention the odor.   

We have a 100% success rate with bat colony removals, and we guarantee our work. We safely remove the entire colony, and we do not harm any of the bats in the process. The whole group is safely excluded, and the entire building is bat-proofed to prevent any future entry ever. We also clean and decontaminate the droppings that they've left behind. We remove all of the guano, and fog the attic with a special cleaner designed to destroy all harmful molds and pathogens associated with bat droppings.

We perform bat removal from any building - from a small house, to large apartments, condos, office buildings, parking garages, hotels, and more. Sometimes we spend months on very large bat projects involving dozens of large buildings. No matter how big or small your bat problem, please call Andrew and Austin, and we will solve your bat problem.

Give Wildlife Removal Services a call any time at 561-826-6475 to discuss your wildlife problem. I take great pride in my work, and I do the job right, start to finish. I service the greater Fort Lauderdale and Boca Raton area, including all of Broward and much of Palm Beach Counties, including Oakland Park, Pompano Beach, Deerfield Beach, Coral Springs, Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, and more. We handle squirrels, snakes, rats, raccoons, bats, armadillos, and any nuisance wildlife critters. You can email Wildlife Removal Services owner Wildlife Pros Inc. at: email removed, sorry.

Emails of our customer cases:

We bought an existing house in August. I saw that the screened vents in the soffit of our carport were torn. There was so much to do with moving and doing repairs on the inside, that I left the job of fixing those vents go until now. We noticed feces droppings on the carport floor but thought it was birds. But last week we started to suspect bats, after doing research on the Internet.

I called Middleton and Terminix. They both recommended your main competitor. I won't mention their name. Middleton also recommended you. I called your competitor first. I described the droppings as having a white dot. He said it could be bats and offered to come out and inspect for around $280.

I then went to your great website, and called and talked to Patric. He honestly told me that if there is a white dot, it was lizards. And it was. They were on the ceiling of the carport at night.

I just wanted to thank Wildlife Pros Inc. and your company for being honest with potential customers. I have already passed your name on to some people I know.

I just commissioned some bat specialist to remove bats in the eaves of my front porch this area does not go into my attic but the droppings are coming out of the eaves. they charged me $2,375 to remove the bats remove the drippings seal the holes and spray a chemical named cinemax to do something to the area, maby neutralize the area. i cant remember now. anyway, they put up the net and the bats left. some of the fiberglass foam they told me about was sprayed where the drippings around the shingle molding but not around the building. i want to know if this is a unusual price to pay to get rid of a couple a dozen bats and if they didnt complete the job can i call it off, pay them what i would call a reasonable price me and my carpenter remove the drippings seal the holes and call it a day. I asked them for the copy of the liscense and insurance bond before coming back to my house.