Orange County Animal Control, based in Orlando Florida, will only assist in problems involving DOGS and CATS.

As of March 2003, Orange County Animal Services will not assist in any situation involving wild animals, such as raccoons, squirrels, snakes, etc.

If you have a DOG or a CAT problem, call the county at 407-836-3111

The address for Orlando Animal Control Services in Orange County Florida is 2769 Conroy Road, Orlando FL 32839. You can also try one of the above Orlando Humane Society numbers for dog & cat welfare issues. Remember, the county services does not handle any wild animal issues, such as raccoons, snakes, bats, opossums, etc.

The FREE government phone numbers again are:
Orange County Animal Services: 407-836-3111
Orlando S.P.C.A. East: 407-482-1955
Orlando S.P.C.A. West: 407-299-1331

REPORT a dead animal on road, or dangerous wildlife, call the sheriff: 407-254-7000

If you have a wildlife issue, and would like to hire us for service, see below. We do charge for our professional services:

For all problems with wild animals, call our wildlife company: 407-278-2705. This is not a free service. Please do not call this number to "report" anything, like alligators or injured birds. If you must "report" an alligator call 1-866-FWC-GATOR, and if you must report an injured bird, call 407-644-0190. For general Central FL wildlife inquiries call FL Fish & Wildlife at 1-888-404-3922.

If you have an orphaned baby squirrel or opossum in a box, call 407-568-5138 or 407-260-6137 or 407-568-7988.

Click here for all problems with wild animals, or click any animal below.









If you have a wildlife problem, you can call me on my business cell phone.

Go to the official Orange County Animal Services website.

Or, check out these areas: Miami Animal Control Tampa Animal Control

People in Florida oftentimes have problems with animals. Much of the time, the problem comes from dogs and cats. Dogs are the most common nuisance. Sometimes a neighbor has a very aggressive or vicious dog, and it is a concern to your safety. Sometimes a potentially dangerous dog is roaming the neighborhood loose. Sometimes the dog isn't a threat, but still, is lost and stray. People have problems with cats because there are so many stray cats in Florida, and Orange County is no exception. People often find a litter of kittens, or hear cats fighting or mating at night. If you have problems like these, call the county animal control number at 407-836-3111.

However, if you have a problem with a wild animal, such as a raccoon or opossum, the orange county animal services in Florida will not help you. They do not handle any wild animal problems, nor will they go into your attic, under your home, perform exclusion repairs, or any of the other services necessary to solve wildlife issues. If you want a wild animal problem taken care of, you must call a private trapping company, such as mine. You are of course welcome to hunt around for whoever you think will give you the best service at the best price, but I'm confident that AAAnimal Control is the best.

In order to learn more about AAAnimal Control of Orlando FL, serving Orange County, go to the home page.

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