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Extermination: We don't actually kill the animals that we deal with (with the exception of rats). We are very kind and humane to the wildlife that we deal with. We trap the critters in live cage traps, and then relocate them far outside the Orlando area. The only reason we'd ever advertise ourselves as a Orlando extermination company is because many people seek out an exterminator when they have a problem with a critter, such as squirrels or bats in the attic. What you really want is a licensed and insured nuisance wildlife control operator - that's us! We do not handle insect problems, nor do we use any poison in our work. We deal exclusively with mammals and reptiles. We trap them out of attics, from yards, under homes, etc. We remove baby raccoons by hand, trap armadillos digging under your shed, use one-way exclusion doors to evict bats, catch snakes, etc. We will exterminate your animal problem (make it go away for good - guaranteed) but we do not exterminate the animals. The only exception is rats, which we have to kill in the process. However, our technique is far more humane than the use of poison, which is not only ineffective as a permanent solution, but which causes rats to suffer - and it causes odor problems.

Please call us any time regarding your rodent or wildlife problem in the Orlando FL area, and we can schedule an appointment, usually same day or next day. We strive for the very best in customer service and professionalism, and we guarantee our work.

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  • Attic Cleanup & Decontamination
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All Orlando wildlife removal services are performed by AAAnimal Control and Wildlife Ranger, and based in Orlando FL, serving the entire Orlando area. Wildlife Ranger is not an Orlando pest control or Orlando extermination company, but a wildlife removal specialist, dealing only with animals, and not insects. We have a great deal of experience working with rodent and mice, and are expert Orlando rodent and mouse trappers. We do not provide rodent and mouse extermination, but practice humane removal, as well as control, exclusion, and prevention methods for Orlando rodent and mouse problems. Please call 407-233-3838 any time to discuss your wild critter problem and to schedule an appointment.

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