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Pest Control: Our company deals only with wild animals. We do not handle any insect problems. We specialize in the humane trapping and removal of nuisance wildlife from homes and commercial properties. We do solve rodent problems - we are Orlando's absolute best at rat control (see below for more details). We solve rat problems the same way that we solve any problem with an animal living inside of your house or building: by inspecting the building, sealing all possible entry points, and trapping and removing all of the wildlife. If you've got raccoons in your attic, it's the same process - we search the attic for baby raccoons - such as in the picture to the right - remove them, and trap the female, and relocate them all far outside Orlando. We handle every type of wild critter in Orlando. Opossums (they often live under the shed or in the attic), squirrels (the number one attic invader), armadillos (they dig large burrows next to homes), bats (our absolute specialty - we are the best in the state), birds (pigeons often roost in unwanted areas), snakes (we remove both venomous and non-venomous) of course raccoons (they often live in attics or tip over garbage cans). We are expert wildlife trappers, and offer a full line of services, from damage repairs, to prevention, to attic cleanup. We get the job done right, the first time.

Please call us any time regarding your rodent or wildlife problem in the Orlando FL area, and we can schedule an appointment, usually same day or next day. We strive for the very best in customer service and professionalism, and we guarantee our work.

Rat Control: We solve rat problems the same way that we solve any problem with an animal living inside of your house or building. First, we perform a thorough inspection of the structure, from ground to roof. Every square inch. We are intimately familiar with both architecture and the behavior of rodents and other wildlife, and what areas the critters use to enter homes. We then seal off every last possible point of entry. We do professional repair work, and all our repairs are made with steel, which animals cannot chew through. Once a building is secure, we trap and remove the critters, and the problem is solved 100% permanently, with guarantee. Many Orlando pest control companies take a lazy approach to rat control - they want to sign you up for a monthly or quarterly contract that lasts forever, so that they can keep making money. They don't want to actually solve your problem for good. These companies charge a lot to simply apply some poison to your property or attic. And no matter how fancy their brochures, no matter how slick their salesmen, no matter how high-tech they claim there poisons to be, this is a lazy, ineffective, and pointless approach to solving a rat problem. It doesn't work! Only a percentage of the rats will ever eat the poison, some will survive, and those that die will very often die inside the attic or walls, creating a terrible odor. Don't listen to the myth of "they go outside to drink water, then die". That is a lie! Poisoning is the worst. Our approach is the correct one - we stop the rats at the source. By sealing the building shut, the rats that get stuck inside are very easy to trap. We set the traps throughout the attic, in the tightest back corners, and the runways that rats use by habit. We trap and remove them all - we get them out, so they won't stink the place up. Then once they are all out and there's no more noises at night, no more scratching or running about, and no fresh droppings, we are ready to clean the attic. Rats leave behind a pheromone scent from the grease in their fur and their urine. They leave hundreds or thousands of droppings up in the attic. We clean and decontaminate the attic, eliminate the scent that will attract new rats that will try to chew their way in, and we eliminate the odor and biohazard that they leave behind. Then the job is complete.

All Orlando wildlife removal services are performed by AAAnimal Control and Wildlife Ranger, and based in Orlando FL, serving the entire Orlando area. Wildlife Ranger is not a pest control or Orlando exterminator company, but a wildlife removal specialist, dealing only with animals, and not insects. We have a great deal of experience working with rodent and mice, and are expert Orlando rodent and mouse trappers. We do not provide rodent and mouse extermination, but practice humane removal, as well as control, exclusion, and prevention methods for Orlando rodent and mouse problems. Please call 407-233-3838 any time to discuss your wild critter problem and to schedule an appointment.

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