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Armadillo control prices:

All prices below may be subject to change, particularly based upon factors such as driving distance, which may make prices either higher or lower. If in doubt, just give us a call and we will quote your situation.

Inspection/trap-setting/service fee: $249.00
This is the standard fee, which covers general business/transportation expenses that the job incurs, as well as licensing and insurance costs that protect the customer. Remember, a great deal of driving is involved in arriving at the customer house and then relocating wildlife 20 miles outside of the city.

Capture & removal of armadillo: $119.00 / trip
Armadillos will not respond to bait, and involve more elaborate trap setting methods. Many armadillos are solitary, so a single capture often solves the problem though there are times when multiple armadillos are present.

Lawn treatment: No such thing
Some retailers sell lawn treatment, which involves applying a substance, usually castor oil, that they claim works by masking the scent of the worms and grubs that the Armadillo is hunting. I have attempted to use these products in the past, and in my experience, this treatment is completely ineffective, as are mothballs. The only 100% effective way to treat armadillo problems is capture and removal.

Exclusion barriers: $29/ linear foot.
Armadillos always dig, and often dig entryways under fences and porches. Installation of exclusion barriers is recommended, because if a new armadillo eventually moves into the territory, it can smell the area where an armadillo has previously dug - for up to several years - and it will dig in that exact same spot. I can prevent new armadillos from successfully digging in these areas.

Total cost: $368.00 on up.

For more armadillo control information, go back to the armadillo removal page.

To hire me to take care of your armadillo problem, call: 407-278-2705
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