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Raccoon control prices:

All prices below may be subject to change, particularly based upon factors such as driving distance, which may make prices either higher or lower. If in doubt, just give us a call and we will quote your situation.

Capture & removal of raccoons with ground traps: $89.00 / trip
In each case of ground trapping, I must respond the same-day, rerout my schedule, and relocate the animal 25 miles outside of the city, all of which takes a great deal of driving. The animal will always be picked up and relocated the same day as capture.

Raccoon(s) in the attic: $89 / trip + repairs.
The first trip will be charged at the standard $89 service fee, which covers general business/transportation expenses that the job incurs, as well as licensing and insurance costs that protect the customer, and it also includes a full building/roof/attic inspection, plus setup of the traps. The second trip will be another $129 fee, to remove the trapped raccoons. There will also probably be a fee to repair the entry points that the raccoon has used to enter the home. Thus the total final bill will be somewhere around $300 - $450, or more if baby raccoon removal, extensive repairs or attic cleanup are necessary.

Mother raccoon with litter of young: $100 extra for litter
In many cases of raccoon in the attic, it's actually a female raccoon with a litter of young. The young must be found and removed, and I often have to work very hard to find and get them, and then deal with the litter once out, be it caring for them until I can get the mom raccoon, or bringing them to a state licensed rehabber. If I remove a litter of young from the attic, it's an additional $100 fee.

If you have a mother raccoon with immobile young in your house (attic, eave, walls), there are two options. In 90% of the cases, I manually remove the litter of young. I search every square inch of the attic, walls, etc. and find and remove the babies. They are always grouped together (except in very rare cases of transit by mother raccoon) and usually number 3-5. Once I have them, I can use them to as "live bait" to lure the mother into a trap, and then I can relocate them all together. In some rare cases, the mother raccoon will have stashed the young in some inaccessible place. In this case, I can apply a substance called raccoon eviction fluid (REV), which is made from the secretions of a male raccoon. Male raccoons kill any young not their own. Thus, the scent of the REV is perceived as a threat to a mother raccoon, and she moves her young out of the area within 48 hours. This is highly effective, but only used in the very rare cases in which I cannot physically reach the litter.

Click here for photos of young being removed from above a ceiling.

Instances of raccoons in the house always require repair of the area(s) the raccoons were using to access the attic/eave/wall. I will perform these repairs for additional fees. Please see this page for photos of damage repairs that we have done.

Total costs: a simpler job, involving a raccoon that is tipping over garbage cans, for example, and needs trapping is $258.00, and a more complex job, such as a mother with young living in the attic, can run $350.00 or more.

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To hire me to take care of your raccoon problem, call: 407-278-2705