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Ocoee Wildlife Control

For the free city animal control, call 407-836-3111

AAAnimal Control is a nuisance wildlife control company servicing all of the greater Orlando area, including the town of Ocoee. We provide professional animal control service for your wildlife pests. We work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including of course all evenings and weekends. We are almost always available for a same-day or next-day appointment. We are fully licensed and insured, and provide the most effective solutions in the area. Give us a call any time to schedule a wildlife appointment: 407-278-2705.

Remember, for free city service, call 407-836-3111

Please explore this website if you wish to learn more about us and our services. We provide Ocoee pest control for wild animals. We do not deal with dog and cat complaint or issues. We are a private company, and like all private companies that deal with wildlife, charge for our services. We are not like the other Ocoee exterminators or exterminating companies out there. We do not deal with or spray for insects. We are trappers, and our specialty is wildlife control. The most common situations that we deal with are rats in attics (there are many rats in Ocoee), squirrels in attics, & raccoons & opossums in attics. We are the absolute best at bat control. We also capture and remove snakes and armadillos. We do bird control, and can catch those pest raccoons pooping in your pool or stealing your pet's food. We are fast and responsive, usually providing same-day service.

    FL State licensed and insured   -  permit# N5499   -   residential/commercial  -   operating 24 / 7

Hi David, Can you help me? I live in Ocoee Florida and have a raccoon that has been getting into our chicken pen and has killed three hens already. I put out a live trap and covered it with sticks the same color as its surroundings. We are looking for Ocoee animal control or Ocoee Wildlife Removal to help us. I put marshmallows with tuna fish on it. Yesterday I saw raccoon tracks that went all the way around the chicken pen and right past the trap. Do you think the animal is cage shy or am I doing something wrong? Could I put a white sheet over the back of the cage and let it snow over it so it looks like a dark safe place or do you know a bait that would work good for this type of problem? Thanks, Teil

My response: I guess line the bottom of the trap with dirt to make it inviting, and you can try the sheet. It may be hard to catch. You might need a sturdier chicken coop.

Pleasant Evening, My fianc? and I just encountered 5 raccoons fighting at our residential fire escapes. They continued to roam up and down the stairs, searching for food, fighting and loudly squeaking. We realized they were coming from the abandoned building next door and there is a broken gate leaning against my residential backyard which is the access entry for the raccoons. We live in the Highbrigde section of Ocoee FL. We understand your services and wanted to know the appropriate procedure and cost to get raccoons removed. Since they are inhabiting inside the abandoned building, they must be eating rats and other rodents because the ones we saw tonight were at least 45 to 50 pounds in weight. I am seriously pursuing measures to have pest control handled on a city level. However, for now I would like to get the ball rolling and see what measures can be done by your company. I look forward to hearing from you soon. I appreciate your prompt attention to this matter.