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Sanford Wildlife Control

For the free city animal control, call 407-836-3111

AAAnimal Control is a nuisance wildlife control company servicing all of the greater Orlando area, including the town of Sanford. We provide professional animal control service for your wildlife pests. We work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including of course all evenings and weekends. We are almost always available for a same-day or next-day appointment. We are fully licensed and insured, and provide the most effective solutions in the area. Give us a call any time to schedule a wildlife appointment: 407-278-2705.

Remember, for free city service, call 407-836-3111

Please explore this website if you wish to learn more about us and our services. We provide Sanford pest control for wild animals. We do not deal with dog and cat complaint or issues. We are a private company, and like all private companies that deal with wildlife, charge for our services. We are not like the other Sanford exterminators or exterminating companies out there. We do not deal with or spray for insects. We are trappers, and our specialty is wildlife control. The most common situations that we deal with are rats in attics (there are many rats in Sanford), squirrels in attics, & raccoons & opossums in attics. We are the absolute best at bat control. We also capture and remove snakes and armadillos. We do bird control, and can catch those pest raccoons pooping in your pool or stealing your pet's food. We are fast and responsive, usually providing same-day service.

    FL State licensed and insured   -  permit# N5499   -   residential/commercial  -   operating 24 / 7

After an excellent weekend in Annapolis, Kari and I are back in the new home in Sanford FL. I discovered we have new guests. We have a bird house / feeder Kari has been stocking just outside our house, and tonight we saw a raccoon jump up there and eat everything, then slink back under our deck. We are looking for Sanford animal control or Sanford Wildlife Removal to help us. Immediately after, we heard what sounded almost certainly like raccoon chirping in our chimney, which is uncapped. Possibly the worst part of this entire scenario is that my mother told us to cap our chimney for this exact reason, to which I had immediately told her she worries too much. While the raccoon did appear to have black eyes, which naturally invoked some nice Kurtzman nostalgia, I would like to get them out of the chimney. Any quick suggestions on how to do so?

Your best choice is to purchase Raccoon Eviction Fluid Pour it on a rag, and open the damper and stuff it into the chimney. The mother raccoon will move her babies out. Once you hear no more sounds, cap the chimney.

Still a lot of chatter in the chimney. I had dropped a soaked sock down the chimney and also left a bunch of soaked rags in the chimney area (I have a glass screen enclosing it. Any other ideas on what I'm doing wrong or alternatives? Should I just have someone come and remove it? If so, do you have any recommendations?

You should open the damper and shove raccoon eviction fluid soaked rags up there. Down the flu and in the fireplace may not cut it. If that does not work after three days, you can wait 5 months for them to move out on their own, or you can wait just a few more weeks until they go out at night as a group to forage, and then cap the chimney at night when they are all outside or you can hire a local professional now. If you hire a pro call around and tell them that raccoon eviction fluid failed. Hire whoever sounds nice and charges a reasonable price. Although I list a company in my directory, I don't know them personally and I can't vouch for them.

Sorry to keep bugging you about this, but I'm assuming they are actually living / sleeping on the dampner. Do I need to worry about it raining angry baby raccoons down on me, or am I envisioning this wrong? If there are any best practices to avoid that scenario let me know.

They might be on or right next to the damper but when you open it they will scurry away and you can put the raccoon eviction fluid up there. If you want to be careful use a pair of salad tongs or some other utensil to place the damp rag in there. In the off chance that a little baby falls into the fireplace pick it up with a pair of leather gloves and stuff it back up there.

I wussed out on opening up the damper from below, but climbed up to the top of the chimney again and really took my time dropping several rags down to the bottom with the extraction fluid on them. My chimney is wide enough that I could see them land on the damper. I actually have not heard any noises at night like I was hearing every night, but Kari swears she heard them in the middle of the day yesterday (4:30pm ish), so I'm not sure what to make of that. I was going to give it another night to see if I hear anything. If I don't hear anything again, I think I'll cap it unless you recommend otherwise. If I still hear them, I will admit defeat and call someone.

If you cap it with them inside, they'll make a big enough ruckus, I believe. In that case, remove the cap. And remember, you can always wait for them to go outside on a regular nightly forage, and then put on the cap.