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Winter Park Animal Control

For the free city animal control, call 407-836-3111

AAAnimal Control is a nuisance wildlife control company servicing all of the greater Orlando area, including the town of Winter Park. We provide professional animal control service for your wildlife pests. We work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including of course all evenings and weekends. We are almost always available for a same-day or next-day appointment. We are fully licensed and insured, and provide the most effective solutions in the area. Give us a call any time to schedule a wildlife appointment: 407-278-2705.

Remember, for free city service, call 407-836-3111

Please explore this website if you wish to learn more about us and our services. We provide Winter Park pest control for wild animals. We do not deal with dog and cat complaint or issues. We are a private company, and like all private companies that deal with wildlife, charge for our services. We are not like the other Winter Park exterminators or exterminating companies out there. We do not deal with or spray for insects. We are trappers, and our specialty is wildlife control. The most common situations that we deal with are rats in attics (there are many rats in Winter Park), squirrels in attics, & raccoons & opossums in attics. We are the absolute best at bat control. We also capture and remove snakes and armadillos. We do bird control, and can catch those pest raccoons pooping in your pool or stealing your pet's food. We are fast and responsive, usually providing same-day service.

    FL State licensed and insured   -  permit# N5499   -   residential/commercial  -   operating 24 / 7

Hi, I recently bought a house in Winter Park FL that had a raccoon problem and there is quite a bit of feces in the attic. I want to have the insulation completely removed and the feces cleaned up as we are about to put in a new heating and air conditioning unit in it. There are no living raccoons in the house anymore. Can you tell me what a reasonable price range should be just to have to insulation removed and the area cleaned? I am starting to call around but have never dealt with this before. Thanks, Mike

Dear David, Thank you so much for your excellent website. We have had a mother raccoon and babies in an inaccessible area of our attic. We hired a professional group to trap the animals and remove the old insulation and decontaminate the attic before new insulation is installed. They cannot reach the nest area because the clearance is impossible because of the vaulted ceilings. The only way to remove the urine and feces would be to remove the drywall of the ceiling over our living room which would be a huge undertaking. We are looking for Winter Park animal control or Winter Park Wildlife Removal to help us. There are I believe 2 urine stains that have soaked through the ceiling paint. I am concerned about your caution not to vacuum the attic. This group we hired has sprayed the accessible attic with a decontaminant and deodorizer. They are coming back next week to HEPA vacuum the attic before installing new insulation. I am also concerned about not cleaning up the attic because we use a fan to ventilate the attic and I don't know if that creates any health risks but opening the ceiling into the living room would seem to me to create a greater hazard. Your advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Patti

My response: It sounds like you'll get your attic more than clean enough. I don't recall advising against vacuuming an attic. That's okay, as long as the vacuum has a filter.