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Squirrels are Frequently Heard Living in the Soffits of Homes

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The soffit is the underside of the eave. In most homes, the roof extends over the edge of the home for proper drainage. This extended portion is called the eave. Squirrels get inside these areas, and are often heard running back and forth on the soffit. This area also leads right into the attic, and squirrels more than often also use the attic as a nesting ground.

If your soffit has ventilation with flimsy screening, then squirrels will chew their way right in. In this
case, I caught some of the squirrels in the attic, and some with these special one-way door traps
mounted right under the chewed-out hole. When the squirrel(s) come out, bingo! Sometimes I use
a little bit of bait to encourage them. When squirrels are dehydrated, they go for the moisture that
oranges emit. This squirrel was caught 26 feet off the ground.

Even if you have metal aluminum soffits, squirrels can often find their way inside. In this case, an AC
pipe left a gap leading into the soffit. Another, larger one-way trap set at the entry hole catches every
squirrel in turn as it tries to leave.

This soffit was solid, but a large round chimney flu running through it left a large gap. Sure enough,
squirrels found their way inside. This large one-way trap can hold many squirrels. Five were caught
at one time in this photo.

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Customer Inquiry About Squirrels In the Soffit: Hi. I just finished reading your site and have a question or two. We recently, about 2-3 weeks ago, started hearing a squirrel in the eaves of our house. I know where it is coming in, at a soffit where it has chewed a big hole. I borrowed a live trap, the one at a time kind, and put it in the attic where we hear the noise. No luck. From your info, I need to put it on the roof at the soffit. Got that, makes sense. Don't want to leave babies motherless though, if there is a litter. We love animals, including our squirrels, but obviously need them out of attic. If I catch a squirrel, you suggest looking at for nipples. I've got no problem with that, and if it is a nursing mother will either call wildlife removal company or let babies get big enough to trap. My concern is getting bitten while looking for nipples! I have welding gloves that go up to the elbow, and are made of thick leather. Is this enough protection? I would imagine they have pretty strong jaws, what with all the nut cracking and all! Would appreciate any advice. Also, you say litters are typically in February or so. It is now January 3, and I live in Knoxville, Tennessee. You think there could already be babies, or is momma maybe just getting ready? Again, any advice and/or input greatly appreciated. Thanks, Steve.

My response: You can usually see the nipples easily. They stick out far past the fur.

People always want to know how to how to get rid of squirrels. Squirrels are one of the most common problem animals, not only here in central Florida, but throughout the country. You may have squirrels in your attic you want to get rid of or perhaps squirrels in your chimney. There is no good squirrel repellent that will get rid of them, nor are there any pest control companies that properly handle squirrels. You want to hire a licensed wildlife removal specialist who can perform squirrel trapping and removal services for you. The squirrels can be safely removed from the building without resorting to extermination or killing of the squirrels. A good wildlife control operator will also find and seal all of the entry points and perform squirrel prevention services.

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