How to Keep Snakes Away

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Many home owners have problems with snakes, and wish to know how to keep them away from using their yard and property as habitat. Any wild animal will live in an area if that area provides suitable food and shelter. Oftentimes, our suburban homes do offer such requirements. Some snakes like to live under shelter such as decks, sheds, or porches. To prevent this from happening, barriers such as steel exclusion barriers or latticework should be installed. See this exclusion barrier page. Oftentimes snakes are attracted by the presence of food sources, such as rats. Thus, rat control is an effective means of helping to keep snakes away. Once an animal has established a behavior of visiting your property for these food sources, it can be hard to make them break the habit.

Here is a list of useful ways to keep snakes away:

  • Eliminate debris such as wood or rock piles on the property.
  • Cut down heavy brush or trim back hedges.
  • Seal small gaps under doors or decks, etc.
  • Use funnel type traps or glue board type traps along edges.
  • An extreme remedy would be a perimeter wide fence sloping outward at a 30 degree angle.
The following remedies really won't work:
  • Use of sisal rope around the property - the theory is that the course rope is tough on a snake's belly, but it's not true.
  • Use of snake repellants such as sulphur, moth balls, or Snake-A-Way, a combination of the two.
  • Use of predator scents such as mongoose urine.
  • Use of ultrasonic sound emitters (snakes can't hear, at least in high frequencies).
  • Use of fake owls or hawk decoys.

If you have a snake problem that you need to get rid of, the best bet is to actually catch the animals and physically remove them from the area. This is not usually a good field for amateurs, so if you need such services, it might be best to call a professional from the linked list of nationwide pros.

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How to drive away snakes - It is not difficult to drive away snakes, especially if the animals are already fearful. You need to be careful that you do not harass the animals too much, or they will take up a defensive position and strike at you. Even the bites of nonvenomous snakes can cause serious injury and intense pain. Venomous snakes, however, should never been antagonized. A viper can come at you with amazing speed, striking out at a distance as long as its body. If you are having an issue with venomous snakes in your yard, you need to call a professional snake remover to take care of the issue. There are other snakes that seek entrance to your property with the intent to find a den. Most of these snakes are not dangerous, and are beneficial to your home and yard. Snakes keep down the insect and rodent population. It is far better to tolerate a snake in the yard than to have to remove rats in the attic. If you?re insistent about driving away snakes, the best methods involve adjusting your property to be unappealing to snakes. Homes with ample gardens strew around the lot will be more snake-friendly than homes with short grass and plants that do not offer much cover near the ground. Think like a snake; any area around your home that could be slithered beneath should be modified or eliminated.

How do I get keep away snakes - There is no harm allowing a nonvenomous snake to occasionally visit your property. Snakes keep a good tab on rodents and insects, and the reptiles will do no damage to your home unlike other nuisance animals. Venomous snakes need to be removed simply because of the chance of human-snake interactions. A professional should be enlisted to aid with venomous snake removal. If you cannot afford to have an expert help you, there are some hands-free snake traps that will work for both venomous and nonvenomous animals. The only downside is that you will need to transport the snake once it is caught, and vegetable oil will need to be applied to the serpent so it can free itself from the glue. If you are not comfortable being this close to a viper, you are better off leaving the animal alone on your property. Most venomous snakes are just passing through. If the animal is still there after a few days, you know you have to review your options. Getting rid of harmless snakes is as simple as modifying the items and vegetation around your home. Snakes do not want to be exposed to the birds and other predators that like to prey on them, so short grass and open landscape will not be ideal for a snake.

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