You Want to Know How to Kill Snakes?

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You don't need to kill snakes. If it's legal in your state, it's easier to catch them by hand or by snake tongs or even trap them and relocate them. Even if you do intend to kill the animal, it's easier to catch them than deal with them by lethal means. Some folks like to shoot and kill snakes, but if you just want them off your property, you can have a professional remove them. The thing to remember is that it's silly to try to kill snakes. Snakes are unjustly persecuted enough as it is, and they're generally not abundant animals, because ignorant people insist upon killing them. The ironic thing about killing snakes is that most snake bites occur during the act of trying to kill the snake! If you are worried about a snake, just leave it alone, or call an expert to come and safely remove it. There are hundreds of snake experts throughout the country. Snakes are usually an important part of the environment, and many species are swell at killing rats. Killing snakes is generally a bad idea.

Above is just one of hundreds, yes hundreds, of emails I've received over the years, that go like this, "Can you tell me what snake this is?" Not once, not ever, has the photo been of a venomous snake. If you encounter a big fat diamondback rattlesnake or cottonmouth, I don't think you'll have the balls to whack it apart with a shovel. It's always the harmless little snakes that people kill and send me photos of.

Look at this. I arrived at this home and the ignorant people living there had butchered this wonderful and rare mud snake. At this size, it was about 12 years old. It met the end of its life, this snake that would never ever strike a human, because of ignorance and fear. This slow snake couldn't even get away from the shovel the hysterical homeowner wielded. If it had been a venomous snake, it would have been faster and more aggressive, and might have bitten the moron trying to kill it. Enough on that. Just realize that snakes are often rare and beautiful creatures, and if you must have them gone, it's best to hire an experienced trapper to come and remove the snake, both for your (potential) safety and for the snake's!

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Snake on property - Do not be alarmed by a single snake on your property. You don't need to kill it. Chances are the animal will move out in a few days. You should allow this time to pass before you start buying traps or calling in reinforcements. If the snake remains on your property you can consider trapping it; however, snakes are very beneficial to property owners. Not only do the serpents keep the insect population down, the occurrence of frogs and rodents will be significantly reduced. You can call a professional to remove the snake if you want to be free of it as soon as possible and with little involvement in the process. Your other option is to purchase a snake trap and wait for the animal to be captured. Snake traps are effective, and will keep a snake confined until it can be transported away from the home. One of the most highly endorsed traps operates on the design of a glue pad inside of a plastic box. The box has scent lures on the inside. Once the snake enters, it has no choice but to turn around to exit, an action that secures it to the glue pad. Snakes that are trapped in this manner can be freed by pouring vegetable oil on the animal. The oil will deactivate the glue and the snake will be able to leave the box.

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