Thin Black Snake, White Belly: Black Racer

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Here we see a common thin black snake in Florida, the Black Racer. It has a white or gray belly, and it is very fast. This is how to catch it.

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The below photo features my first snake tongs, which were okay. I catch most snakes by hand now, and I am as gentle with them as possible. When I do need to use tongs, I use the wide-grip rubber-coated Gentle Giant tongs by Midwest Tongs. They exert very gentle pressure on the snake in order to restrain but not injure the creature.

The Black Racer is probably the most common snake that I deal with in the Orlando area. It is almost a generic snake: thin and black, no special markings. Because of its blunt, truly snakelike nature, and its speed it seems to scare the heck out of ignorant people who can't identify it. I get all of these phone calls about a black snake, and even though a Cottonmouth can be totally black, I know the person on the phone is talking about a Black Racer. The Cottonmouth, or Water Moccasin, is much thicker than the Black Racer. It's also much slower, and has a large head. The Black Racer is usually 3' or 4' long, a little under 1" in diameter, and it has a light gray, almost white, belly. Most of all, it's fast! I have a lot of good photographs of the black racer in my photo album below, as well as stories about the black racer in my snake blog.

A Great Snake Photo Gallery
My Snake Removal Blog
How To Get Rid of Snakes

How to get rid of black racer snakes - Black racer snakes are one of the most common nonvenomous snakes in the southern part of North America. They are incredibly fast, hence their given name. The black racer snake is very active during the day, eating any kind of animal it can subdue. It is bold and seemingly fearless. Black racers will charge people when approached, though the snake rarely strikes unless handled. If one is captured, it will thrash about and strike frequently. This is one snake that should not be handled with just a pair of gloves. It is unlikely that you will be able to catch a black racer snake to remove it from the property. You would have to be very quick and the snake would have to be cornered. These snakes are best captured with the use of a snake trap. Because of the indiscriminate diet, black racers will easily be drawn to the rodent scent lures inside a glue trap. The snakes will be held inside until they can be released into a new area. Because of their bold tendencies, the racer snakes are often left to professional snake removal companies to handle. Experts will know how to best capture this serpent without causing undue harm.

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