Best Bait for Skunk Trapping

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One of the most impressive areas of a skunk's biology is that the species has a very adaptable digestive system which has helped the skunk to survive and to thrive in a variety of different habitats. This also has an impact on the type of bait that you can use, with every household having some kind of food that can prove to be an effective bait when you are trying to catch a skunk. One of the most important things to remember is that although a good bait can seal the deal when it comes to catching a skunk, there are other factors that can be even more important in how successful your trap will be.

The Role Of Bait In Skunk Trapping

The most important thing to remember when you are planning to trap a skunk is that you can have the best bait in the world, but if you don't place it in a trap in the right location, then the skunk won't even smell your fantastic bait. Make sure that you look at where the skunk is most active, and try to place the trap in a location where the skunk cannot miss it, yet without making it so obtrusive that the skunk becomes suspicious about the trap. The scent from the bait is really what draws the skunk in, but it is placement that is vital to successful trapping.

Meat And Fish As Bait

There are several different types of meat and fish based bait that can be used when you are trapping a skunk, and one of the best aspects is that offal will work even more effectively than expensive meat. Chicken entrails are a particularly successful option, while the scent of crisp bacon will also draw skunks to the trap. Smelly fish is another good option for drawing in the animal, while cat food has also proved to be very successful.

Other Foods That Work Well As Bait

If you are looking through your kitchen cupboard and not finding anything that really ticks the box as a potential bait, you can also look in another area of your cupboard, where the sandwich spread and the sweet treats are kept. Peanut butter spread on a piece of bread is likely to draw the skunk's attention, while even several marshmallow chunks placed in the trap can also serve as an effective bait to catch a skunk.

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How much do you charge to get rid of skunks? My yard is infested with these critters, they have dug holes all over, grass and garden. Please help. Thanks, Laurie

Hi, I recently found your website through a search for removing skunk smell from one of our dogs. I have used the mixture 3 times and he still smells as does the bathroom where he got his shower/baths. We tried to clean the bathroom with bleach water and it still smells too. My husband said foxes also smell bad. We saw a red fox a couple days before the dog had this skirmish. We aren't sure what he tangled with as it was totally dark out. I've smelled skunk road kill and this didn't really smell like that even though it was a really strong odor. The dog often bring opossums to the back door and they usually walk away after 10 mins of his coming into the house. However, he has killed a large raccoon before. What other animals smell really bad? The dog's lip was cut where his jaw hinges and it is slowly healing, but stinks too. We live in Northwest Indiana. Do you have any other suggestions to help us? Please reply. Thank you. - Suzann
Hi again, We just got an email from our tenants indicating they see footprints in the snow of the skunk under the porch going out to forage. Would it make any sense to try to trap it now? I will be back in CT from Feb 14 - 25, so that would be the ideal time to take care of it, if it makes sense to try. Cordially, Ron

My response: Sure. But the best thing you can do is to block the opening around the porch, so that no skunks can get in again. If you do trap in winter, check the trap very often, so that the animal doesn't freeze to death.

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